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Movie Box For Mac

Pro/Macbook Mini/Air Download

Movie Box is not the actual name of the app, which we use in Mac. But it’s also developed by the developers of Moviebox. In Apple iOS, they named it like that, but in Mac PC, this is Showbox. This also works same, it’s best called as alternative for Moviebox.

You’ll have to download two freewares in this procedure. Execute these steps very cautiously.

  • Those two are given consecutively, VirtualBox and Genymotion (behaves like virtual android phone).
  • In Genymotion website, you need to sign up which can be done for free of cost.
  • Now both those softwares has to be installed.
  • Run the Genymotion and type the login details.
  • Once you wind up that, tap on “Add“.

moviebox macbook

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